Farmer Liablity Insurance

Farmer Liablity Insurance

If you are a farmers market owner, organizer or manager and have not purchased farmers market liability insurance coverage for your business, we recommend that you do so. Farmers markets can be very popular with the public and if an accident occurs at one of these events, it is important to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. The cost of this type of policy varies depending on how many people attend each event as well as what types of activities take place there. For more information about purchasing farmers market liability insurance, please contact us today!

 What does my farmers market need?

A good quality umbrella policy will cover any claims against your organization due to negligence by vendors, patrons or employees. It also covers injuries caused by horses, cows, pigs etc., which may come into play during farm-to-table events. In addition, most policies provide some form of property damage protection in case someone slips and fall while shopping at your farmers market. Finally, all policies include medical payments benefits should anyone become injured while attending your farmers market.

What is covered under a farmers market liability policy?

Farmers Market Liability Insurance provides financial protection for losses incurred when:

• Vendors sell products at your farmers market;

• Patrons shop at your farmers market; and

• Employees work at your farmers market.

The following examples show typical provisions found within a farmers market liability policy:

1) Coverage for loss resulting from injury to persons;

2) Losses arising out of personal property owned by others;

3) Medical expenses paid because of bodily injury;

4) Property damages, including vehicles used in connection with the operation of your farmers market;

5) Legal defence costs; and

6) Other miscellaneous items.

How much would I pay per year for a farmers market liability policy?

This depends upon several factors, including but not limited to:

• How large is your farmers market? If you operate multiple locations, then you could potentially purchase separate policies for each location.

 • What kinds of risks do you face? Do you host food trucks, live music, children’s entertainment, special promotions, etc.? These additional activities increase your risk exposure and therefore require higher premiums.

• Are you located near busy roads where accidents frequently occur? This increases your risk exposure and requires higher premium rates.

• Is your farmers market open seven days a week? You might want to consider increasing your limits to reflect this increased risk exposure.

 • Does your farmers market offer free samples? Free sample programs 

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